Monday, March 31, 2014


I started to dive in 1982 at just 12 years with a course at the Sub Gian Blacks in Rimini. With just the first degree Fipsas I began to experiment in photography using the Nikonos IV lent to me by my uncle. 
After two years I had my Nikonos V and the desire to show the world what I admired during my dives. 
The underwater career progressed, eighteen are instructor Federal Fipsas M1 and Federal Commissioner today. During all this time the commitment with the courses and the photograph has been so often passed on the second floor. 
With the advent of digital photography has taken over the flame of force, in the last four years I have collected more than twelve shots. 
The aim, however, has remained what it was when I was young. The first thing you need to click for me, to be able to relive that dive several times, and then serves to show what fantastic underwater world offers us.