Monday, April 22, 2013


David Benz, born in 1973, has seen and fallen into love with mostly all of the oceans. He portraited whale sharks in the Pacific, dived with leopard sharks and ghostpipefishes at the wrecks of the Andeman Sea, took pictures of dolphins and stingrays in the Caribbean and also in the Red Sea. Beginning 2007 he had the idea of modelphotography underwater. A liaison of feminine and maritime beauty. Because of the sensuality of his models, the interaction from daily light and location, his images generate a natural, contrasty and concurrently a captivating atmosphere. For David Benz the aesthetic beautiful representation of a body underwater is the highest art of photography. It is about sensuality, a touch of erotism, magic and expressive power. From multimedia point of view he called attention to himself. 2008 David Benz has been awarded the first time for his superior images at the International Photography Awards in Los Angeles. Current other national and international awards quickly followed on prestigious contests. Apart from that the native of the south of Germany is not only acting behind but also in front of the TV camera for PRO7, RTL and ARD with his modelshootings. For David Benz only creativity and having fun with doing the photographs has priority. And exactly this philosophy is reflecting itself in his works. Together with his partner and girlfriend Melanie Schuler the underwaterphotographer David Benz travels around the world to write for divemagazines. Bringing the beauty from the depths of the oceans above surface.