Sunday, August 13, 2017


My name is Sergio Agrò and I was born on August 27th, 1974, since I was young the feeling with the sea was so strong.
I learned to swim and keep my breath alone, and I didn't stop that emotions. I made my first dive late, in 2009 during an holiday in Sharm el Sheikh, there I took the first patent and I went ahead to reach the level of "digital underwater photographer instructor". 
Since my first dive I always wanted to take picture to what I was seeing, just because I was not good at describing the underwater world with my words, so I wanted to do it with the pictures, and show my photos to those who could not go underwater. It doens't metter where, I made dive under the sea, lake, river and under the ice. 
Today my passion and emotion is the same of my first dive-day, and sometime I still use my first camera, Canon G11, but my best buddy is my Nikon D700.