Thursday, October 31, 2013



I was born in Copenhagen Denmark and work daily as a Sales Representative in the IT industry. All my savings, time off work is primarily spend on traveling, photo-equipment and diving. (Please don't tell my girlfriend)   

After my first plunge in 1995 near KOS (Greece) on a introduction dive I was sold to the underwater world and the year after I got certified in Hurghada in the Red Sea. The desire for sharks and big stuff quickly became a big passion to me and my goal was to dive with as many sharks and other big animals as possible.
On a backpacker trip around south east asia in 2002 I brought with me my first point and shoot camera and got hooked with UWP and to bring home nice photographic memories to show friends and family. At that time I realized that the quality wasn't good enough and it didn't showed the world as i saw it. 

In 2010 I invested in my first SLR setup and after many, many hours in the water and being among pro-shooters on several trips the quality started to get better and better and within the last 1-2 years (2012/13) my images started to get good enough to even be publish on a sites like this :-)
My diving has reached a new level and excitement when taking pictures. Dives you used to shake your head of about suddenly become very funny and interesting again.

The most demanding shots i have done was shooting and diving with Great white sharks outside the cage. To experience these beautiful and fearfull animals in their natural environment was a dream come true for me. 

My bucket list is still very long but if should mention 3 things? It would be to dive and photograph blue whales, Orcas and basking sharks.  

My setup today is:
Nikon D7000
Nauticam house
Lenses from Nikon 105mm and 60mm and 12-24mm 
Other lenses: Tokina 10-17 fisheye
Strobes: 2 X INON Z240
Other stuff: Kenko 1,4 teleconverter, Subsee +10