Friday, November 29, 2013


My name is Andrea, I was born on the sea, in Genova, in 1973…. And the sea has been since ever part of me.

When I grew up I came across a new big love: photograpy! I became expert with several techniques, included darkroom and printing in black and white.

Scubadiving has been the natural junction of my passions: I got my first scuba certification in 2006 and since then I never stop diving and taking underwater pictures…

Travelling is also a big passion, and I really appreciated the marvellous underwater world, so different one from the other (Mediterranean, Indian Ocean, Red Sea...)

Thursday, November 28, 2013


My first real encounter with the camera was through the underwater world. I am a lover of the ocean and have been diving since 2005. 
The contagious magical experience of diving very soon  blossomed in me the desire to share that exquisite world with others. Thus, I purchased my first underwater camera. Slowly I became totally captivated and in love. Diving and the camera became inseparable. 
Only then did I realize the true potential that underwater photography held for me. Today every dive for me is a journey and search for the  perfect picture, whether a macro of the tiniest  sea creatures or a giant through a wide lens.
I am happy to share share my love of the world as seen through the prism of the lens.
These are some of my favourite pictures. I hope you'll enjoy surfing them