Thursday, February 13, 2014


I was born in 1976 , since I was a child my beloved parents taught me love and respect for all living things and and expecially for sea creatures. Unfortunatelly I started scuba diving only in Dec 2010 taking some pictures with a 'toy' compact camera without any strobe or lens.
In the mid of 2012 purchased my first Dslr camera and obviously its housing arrived soon , since that moment  I am trying to increase my skills in underwater photography and I am looking to build up 'my own' style .
In the last two years I tryed  to get good results in macrophotography ,  but I also appreciate wide angle and big fishes , expecially mantas and hammerhead sharks that i have tattoed on both my forearms (the target for the next holidays is to increase my wideangle picture's level that is really poor at the moment) I am also particulary interested in cfwa pictures , a really fascinating technique that can give really immpressive results.
At the moment  I am using a Canon eos600D with 60mm macro lens or Tokina 10/17 , Easydive Leo II housing       Sea&sea Ys-d1 and Ys-02 strobes , two torches (one spot and one wide beam) as focus lights and a subsee +5 lens when required in macro . My passion for diy pushes me to build some items just like snoots , supports , optic fibre cables and similiar things in order to have a customized equipment.