Monday, September 30, 2013


Avid traveler, I have been practicing photography for several years when I discovered scuba diving in the Maldives in 2008.
Then born a consuming passion for this fantasy world. I discovered as four corners of the world, sea, lake or river, as soon as we immerse ourselves in the liquid element, we cross the border of reality and dive into another dimension.
The underwater photography is necessary to me as obvious. Report testimonials of "another world" and make discover for other people.
In practice my passion, I am careful to minimize my impact on places and animals that captured on my sensor.
My wife Isabel who assists me in all my dives is my biggest support. Sometimes buddy, sometimes model, I sought more than reason and very grateful for his devotion and patience.
Meanwhile, I created the website "" in which I show my images and the website "2436 digital" in which I give some tips that I use photography.
Self-taught, I also made short films and videos of 3D animations to illustrate my photo shoots and give a dynamic and modern side to the practice of diving.

French version
Passionné de voyages, je pratique la photographie depuis plusieurs années déjà quand je découvre la plongée sous-marine en 2008 aux Maldives.
Naît alors une passion dévorante pour ce monde fantastique. Je découvre qu'aux quatre coins du monde, en mer, en lac ou en rivière, dès que l'on s'immerge dans l'élément liquide, nous franchissons la frontière du réel et plongeons dans une autre dimension.
La photographie sous-marine s'impose à moi comme une évidence. Rapporter des témoignages de " l'autre monde " et le faire découvrir aux autres.
Au travers de mes images, je cherche également à sensibiliser chacun quant à la fragilité de notre monde et la nécessité de préserver son environnement.
Dans la pratique de ma passion, je reste attentif à réduire au maximum mon impact sur lieux et les animaux que saisi sur mon capteur.
Ma compagne Isabel qui m'assiste dans toutes mes plongées est mon plus grand soutien. Tantôt binôme, tantôt mannequin, je la sollicite plus que de raison et la remercie vivement pour son dévouement et sa patience.
Parallèlement, je crée le site web " " dans lequel j'expose mes images et le site web " 2436 digital " dans lequel je donne quelques conseils que j'utilise en photographie.

Saturday, September 28, 2013


My name Is Amir Abramovich . A Respiratory and Diving physician by profession.

Diving for 25 years now but only recently (a year ago) have  taken a camera underwater (Canon G12 with an IkeliteAT35 strobe) since then I have added another compact (Canon S110) and some wet lens (+10 diopter and a wide angle).

Underwater photography became a passion for me and added a whole new Angle for Scuba Diving .

Since I began taking photos underwater I started to notice critters I have never noticed before (especially the macro subjects ) and my familiarity with the reef and underwater environment became more intimate.

Now, I can not imagine myself  diving without a camera .

I dive mainly in the Red Sea.

you are welcome to visit my UWP page :

Wednesday, September 25, 2013


At 1990 I started taking pictures under water in Tyrol, where I come from. At the beginning I just wanted to show my relatives and friends how amazing these adventures are and to „proof“ my tremendous experiences. It is a long time since I started taking pictures with my first camera, a Nikonos with a 35mm lens. The last few years, since I changed into digital photography, I used a NIKON D4 and changed not to a NIKON D4 & SEACAM housing – an unbeatable combination.

Out of the ordinary, and extraordinary beauty are most fascinating for me as an underwater photographer. A passion, that will never die. To find a new point of view on every single dive and in every single picture is my personal life-task. Nowadays it is also important to me, that I can send out a message to the people. I like to show them what a beauty there is under water and how fragile this world has become. It is an ecological concern, that might be in our mind in future and that everybody is responsible.

My „little darlings“ as a photographer are animals, which are really hard to catch on a picture. I take a lot of photos with my super wide angle lens, a lens that opens exceeding perspectives.