Friday, June 6, 2014


Ken Kiefer has always had a love for the water and it’s residents.  He grew up surfing and loving nature.  This progressed to lifeguarding to stay near the water as much as possible.  While lifeguarding, he was introduced to scuba diving in 1992 and it was love at first breath.  He quickly progressed through the dive ranks to become a PADI instructor by 1994.  
He wanted to share all of the beauty that he was experiencing underwater with his friends and family, so he tried both still photography and video to bring a small part of the underwater realm home to them.  Starting with a tiny point and shoot Sealife and working through a Nikonos and various small video formats, Ken found his passion when DSLRs came onto the scene.  Digital media allowed him to better express the creativity that he wanted to show.

Ken honed his photojournalistic style by shooting in the swift currents of Cozumel and with speedy swim teams.  He had to learn to compose shots in seconds, because many times that’s all the time he had.

He hopes to promote the beauty and importance of the underwater world to everyone, but has a particular fondness for sharks and works every day to change perceptions of these wonderful creatures.  

He is around children a lot of the time with swim lessons and swim teams and constantly tries to educate them about the grace and beauty of sharks and the necessity of keeping them and the ocean completely healthy.  By showing peaceful human interaction with sharks through his photography, he is able to change the idea that is portrayed in the media and film and let everyone know that they aren’t monsters

Ken Kiefer II

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