Monday, June 18, 2012


About Angel Fitor

In 1977, when aged four, my grandfather left a diving mask floating on the surface of a tide pool and he simply said: look at this.
Since then my unmeasurable passion for aquatic environments has carried away my entire life. I soon found in photography the perfect tool for preserving all those magical creatures and fugacious moments of the water realms near my mind forever.
After studying Marine Biology and Scientific Photography I started my freelance career. Nowadays I am full time professional natural history photographer, marine naturalist and independent editor.
For more than 20 years I specialized on imagery of underwater environments on Earth, from narrow mountain streams to wide oceans.
By means sensitivity and accurate underwater world knowledge my major aim is trying to blend art and science on each and every image I produce.
My works have illustrated hundreds of magazines, books and new media worldwide both by myself as well as by means some of the most outstanding photo libraries in the world such as the doyen Oxford Scientific Films (London) or the renowned Science Photo Library (London).
I have contributed the National Geographic Magazine worldwide edition as well as several national editions from several countries. The former includes two double spreads on the mythic Visions of Earth section (May 2007 & July 2009).
Some of my works have been recognized by the most prestigious international nature photography awards such as the BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year, National Geographic Photo Contest and the GDT European Photographer of the Year.
In 2008 I released my first self produced book Tanganyika, Africa´s Inland Sea, a photographic journey into the amazing unseen underwater life of the deepest lake in Africa.
I have been involved on several TV series as cameraman, stills photographer and scientific advisor.
Nowadays scientific advisor and photographer for the BBC Natural History Unit.