Monday, January 29, 2018


WOWIE CAI - Cai Songda

I'm Cai Songda and I'm an underwater photographer. I've been engaged with underwater photography for a few years now but outside of it I am actually in the jewelry business. Being in the fashion industry, I believe that I have developed a sensitivity towards anything eye catching. With my background as a jeweller, diving became a really unique experience for me. Having seen so many precious things above the sea, I came to realize that the preciousness that nature offers far surpasses that of what I have already seen. This made me really fall in love with underwater photography and I believe that as the water gets darker, their beauty is revealed more and more that's why I take black-water photography with much enthusiasm. When shooting on blackwater it feels as if the jet black water becomes my canvass and the various sea creatures that decorate them are the jewels of the deep - Indeed I have found a great treasury in the seas.