Monday, December 30, 2013


Reyner Onggara or well known as Rey was born at Banjarmasin, South Borneo, Indonesia 1991. Moved to Jakarta at the age of 11 years old.
Continue further studies at Perth, Western Australia at the age of 15 and went back to Indonesia at around 2010. Started his open water course at April 2013 at Thousand Island, Jakarta. May 2013 was his first trip to Komodo and started UWphotography with Canon G12 with a helped of single Inon Z240 Strobe. Feeling that the picture is not satisfying due to his experience of photography since 2008 he get
himself a Nikon D800 and a Nauticam Housing to satisfy the needs of high res image with high quality combination. His first trip with an UW DSLR was at Manado. Since then he started travelling around Indonesia starting from Bali, Manado (Bunaken and Lembeh), Gorontalo, Anambas, Raja Ampat, Maratua, Komodo and repeated few trips monthly, due to his young age it gives him more time space to travel around and explore. He himself is a very curious man who like to try something new, the more difficult the more he is challenged. Underwater Photography really give him what he needs, since he loves to travel and love to have a hobby with a challenge, he finds underwater photography is not something easy to do and yet it is fun and very challenging. He is more than happy to share and accept critiques.