Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Alejandro Topete Camarena
April 9, 1973

From a very young age the Life put me near the sea which has led me to be a lover of their inhabitants no matter the time or place, the Ocean gift me experiences that have left me marked for life, so right from the year 2003, i have devoted to diving, teach and photographing the Underwater World. I have had the opportunity to photograph the marine life in Mexico, Egypt, Costa Rica, Honduras, Belize, Colombia, Cuba, Ecuador in more than 2,500 dives.

The sea is a world waiting to be discovered by all, life began in the Ocean many thousands of years ago before that in the land, it is not fair that we human beings nourish, make it and us not to worry about this sea that gave us life and gives us her beauty.

I am currently Director of Scuba Excite (travel and diving courses) and Save the Ocean Mexico a Mark articles that promote the care of the Ocean and its animals.

I have worked for some magazines with articles and photographs as Wreport, Blue, MBA, etc. ; member of the AMISUB (Mexican Association of underwater image) and Foundation Extended Range A. C. i have participated in 6 exhibitions of the AMISUB

Winner of 4th place in Amisub 2010 
Winner of 3rd place in Verasub 2012