Wednesday, March 28, 2012


About Stephen Tan

I was born in the Philippines and lived in the United States.  Five years of which were in California where I learned to dive.  After a year of getting certified, I got a housing for a Pentax SLR (film era) and Ikelite 150 substrobes. 

During those years I did most of my time diving Southern California and Baja Califronia waters. 

Career opportunities took me back to Asia in 1992 and eventually I moved back to the Philippines.  I started a family and did not do much diving as priorities changed.  I started diving regularly again when my daughter got certified 3 years ago. 

I soon found myself wanting to take photos again and eventually just had to get new underwater camera gear.  Digital Photography is amazing and I love that it is so easy to share and learn from other underwater photographers.

I regret that I did not re-discover diving earlier but am so grateful to be able to have done over 100 dives last year and hope to do better in the years to come as I develop my skills and passion as an amateur underwater photographer.  Most of my recent diving is in the Philippines with one amazing trip to Palau last November.

I currently use a canon S90 in a Fisheye FIX S90 housing with Inon strobes and Inon add-on lenses.