Monday, October 6, 2014


Andre Philip   - Germany
I was born 1961 in East Germany. As children I was fascinated from the movies of Jacques-Yves Cousteau. Since these time I love the beauty of the seas and the underwaterworld. Many years was it impossible for me, to go to tropical seas. After the reunification of germany the world was open also for me. On the first years after, I was often in egypt and I became an enthusiastic Snorkeler. In 1998 I was certificated as an OW-Diver and since them in all my holidays I gone diving. My fascination for the underwaterworld was always greater. After some years of diving, more experience as a diver and getting a higher certification I began in 2002 to make pictures underwater. At first with 2 simple analog cameras and later with a point&shoot digital camera. My pictures were better and I learned a many about the behavior of the underwater animals. Since 2012 I use a high end compact camera with a big sensor and many more creative possibilities. I think, the camera is one condition for good shots, but the photographer behind is much more important.