Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Michael Weberberger, born 1968 in Leoben.
I had my first diving experiences in 1990 in Thailand. After a longer break due to starting a family, I decided to pick it up again in 2002 and took the diving license on Elba, Italy. Further courses were pursued up to the title of a Rescue Diver.
However, what kicked things off properly was my first holiday at the Red Sea in 2004 and since then I am exploring the seas the world all over.
I started to photograph in 2005, equipped with an Olympus c5050 purely to capture holiday impressions. After a tiger shark expedition in 2009 I decided to purchase a DSLR camera and since then I am heavily involved in underwater photography.
My biggest passion is (cage-) free shark diving and hopefully I can bring this underwater world a little bit closer to non-diving people with my photographs. 
My current setup consists of a Canon 50D in a Hugyfot camera housing. The camera flash is an Ikelite 161. The lenses are a Canon 60mm macro with various accessory lenses; a Sigma 17-70 (my all-rounder) and my favorite, the Tokina 10-17mm fish-eye lens..