Wednesday, December 14, 2016


Gabriela Meier has fallen in love with diving in 2000. For several years she dove two or three times a year in mostly warm waters, just enjoying the breathtaking environment. As her wish was to bringt the ocean in her friends and families living room, she decided to take a camera with her. To get used to underwater photography she bought a bridge camera with a simple flash. To tell you the truth: At the beginning it was a torture to watch at her pictures. After participating at a 12 weeks photography training she upgraded to a DSLR camera. Even though she is keen on banning the fascinating underwater world to her chip, her highest priority is always not to hurt or threaten animals for a good shot. Instead showing respect and accept if the situation does not allow the perfect picture. Gabriela’s favorite subjects are not only underwater landscapes but also big animals and small critters which she tries to show with their natural habitat not only the animal itself.