Saturday, May 28, 2022



Gregory Sin
Perhaps a meeting with legendary Jacques-Yves Cousteau in 1988 played major role in Gregory's interest to underwater world.
It was on Madeira, island in Atlantic ocean, where Gregory received his first diving licence in 1995. Soon after, he bought his first underwater camera (Nikonos-V) and before long, capturing and sharing the underwater world became Gregory's biggest passion.
Since then, Gregory was traveled extensively over the most world dive sites, but always returned to tropical waters of Indonesia and Philippines. Animals behavior, diversity of marine life became his main interests in underwater photography. 
Focusing on small objects, finding something new and unusual, together with simple post-processing without "photoshop objects manipulation”  became his style in underwater photography.
His imagery has won prizes in some of the world's most prestigious competitions including ADEX dive show, and The World Festival of Underwater Pictures in Antibes. 
With Indonesia and Philippines at the doorstep of his home Singapore, he is trying to balance his professional career with  passion to the undersea world.
His works can be seen on