Monday, November 14, 2016


Ifj. Lőrincz Ferenc underwaterphotographer.
I was born on the 23rd of February in 1970, into an architect family in Kaposvár, Hungary. My parents' love for architecture made me realize that I wanted the same path for myself, so I decided that I wanted to be an architect as well. I attended high school in Kaposvár, and graduated from Budapest University of Technology (Faculty of architecture) in 1994. I moved back to Kaposvár in 1997 and have been working as an architect in my own office ever since then, with my wife L. Balogh Krisztina, whom I have three daughters with.
I am an amateur photographer. I use NIKON DSLR cameras.
Coming from my work, I started photography with architectural photography, which is the imaging of three dimensional spaces into two dimensions.
I photographed with MINOLTA SLR FILM CAMERAS between 1984 and 2007. I switched to digital technology in 2004 and started using NIKON DSLR cameras.
After being a hobby photographer, I got a photographer diploma in 2016 in Pécs.
I have been scuba diving since 2007, I currently have an NAUI Dive Master license. Ever since the beginnings, my camera was an indispensable part of my underwater equipment. I used compact cameras between 2008 and 2012 (PANASONIC TZ5, later with external flash, NIKON P7000.) I was able to switch to DSLR in 2014 and used a NIKON D300 camera with a SUBAL ND30 case. 
I changed DSLR frame in 2016 for my NIKON D7200 camera in SUBAL ND7100 case with IKELITE DS160 flashes.

I'm experiencing with slave photography, diving wrecks (which I have visited a hundred so far) has always been fascinating to me.
Recently, I have been sending my work into both national and international photography 
competitions, where they usually place.
I have a website (which earns more and more views from year to year) where I post photos of dive sites and wrecks I have visited.
For more photos and information: