Sunday, July 29, 2012


"Hello, my name is Xavier Ferrando (but also I'm known by my nick xafema) and I was born in 1974 in Spain. I had my first Scuba experience on 2008. I had practised snorkel and free diving some years before, but I found the perfect way of going underwater when I had my underwater discover experience with my wife Monica. Then I found the best way where I could admire the submarine world with enough time as to see the fascinating behavior and the relation between the marine organisms.
I got my first camera the next year (2009) and I tried to learn how to take underwater shots. It was difficult for the first time, but I felt enough confident to try getting better quality photographs if I practice a lot in the future. I'm still learning about how to enhance photos and this a process is common to all photographers.
I live near to Costa Brava in Catalonia, Spain. I love this part of the mediterranean coast, specially Medas Islands. I do the most of my dives with my wife Mónica and I hope to do the same with my son Lluís in a few years.

This year I began taking part in some important phototosub contests, because I think that's the most useful way to progress in the quality photosub work. At this moment I take underwater photos with my compact camera Canon S-95 and my two INON Z-240 IV strobes.

All of you are invited to join with me the photosub experience in my web 
Have fun dives.