Saturday, October 6, 2012



I`m 44 years old and started as a young boy to interested me for the life in the water. 
In 1995 I took my first divecertificate Padi OWD.
Only 2 years later I started with my first camcorder in a homemade housing. In several years I documented the wreck`s from WW II in the harbour of Narvik. Several of camcorder and housing has been used in all these years.
My video were sometimes sent at local and national broadcasting. The interest for the history underneath the surface was great.
2003 I took the step to underwaterphotographing.
My first camera was a Nikon Coolpix 5000 in Ikelitehousing.
Specialisation at wreckphoto did my way into a underwaterphotographer to a big business.
Magazin and newspaper printed my pictures as well as broadcasting.
The history of every ship sunk around my hometown, were well documented.
Mostly I prefer wreck to photograph, bust some macropictures`s are taken too. 
My best wreckphoto are taken i cold water between january and april. 
The hunting for the most spectaculare wreckphoto are still going on.