Saturday, December 17, 2011


The passion for photography and for travel led me around the world and in the main European capitals. My first trip to the "underworld" in 2007 in the waters of the Red Sea where I remained fascinated by the beautiful sea I decided to gear up for underwaterphotography to bring to light during my dives all that my eyes can see and my goal is to capture thereby leaving an indelible trace of a hidden memory and pristine.
With my Nikon and the desire to travel in search of new subjects performs countless dives from the ocean Indian Philippine Pacific Ocean of Costa Rica's Cocos Islands.
Winner of several national photo awards such as the International Underwater Photography Contest "Città di Siena" in 2012, "Scubaportal" in 2013, but especially winner of prestigious international awards such as the "Grand Prize ScubaDiving 2014 Unites States" in 2014 and "London Wideangle Underwater Photographer Of the Year "in 2015.