Thursday, March 8, 2012



I was born in Belgium in 1958, and had my first diving experience at the age of 14. 
After a few years of recreational diving, I stopped for professional reasons. It was by becoming a member of "Nautic Diving Club Izegem" that I took up diving again around 1983. 
In 1994, I became a CMAS dive instructor.
My interest in photography only started around 1990, when I took my first underwater pictures  with a sea&sea MM2 camera.  After a few years  I changed for a Nikon F90S in a Subal housing.  As strobes, I use Subtronic and Ikelite.
Now that we live in the “digital era”, I shoot with two Nikon D300S and a “Hugyfot” housing.
As strobes, I am very happy with the Subtronic “Nova” strobes. These strobes have the advantage that the batteries are no longer inside the strobe itself, but are placed in a special strobe arm who is connected to the strobe. This is a great help when travelling by plain, now that the airline companies become more and more severe and make a lot of restrictions concerning the weight allowance.The main purpose of my photography, is producing and presenting slide shows, though recently, I also had some good results in national and international photo contests.
As an underwater photographer, I very much like the macro photography. 
All kind of critters, and  most of all the colourful nudibranchs have my special interest.
Here fore, I use the Nikon  60mm  and the 105mm lens. For wide angle I mostly shoot with the 10.5mm fisheye.
Because here in Belgium, underwater visibility is very poor, and conditions for underwater photography are not ideal, most of my pictures are taken on voyages to tropical destinations. I especially love Asia, such as the Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, PNG, Palau …..
Those destinations offer great diving, but also the climate is hot (witch I like very much) and the people are so friendly. Recently I was in Bali (Tulamben), and there I discovered one of the best « Muck Diving » opportunities.
Our planet is one of the most intriguing systems one can ever imagine. Thousands of different species, all living together in this very special world.        
"Homo Sapiens", is at the top of the chain. The use of a very well developed brain enables us to dominate and control most of the other species, and though human interference is sometimes necessary, very often it only causes trouble and destruction.
Two thirds of this planet consists of water, and this is the place, where still a lot has to be discovered.
For me, as a diver, I seek for a short escape out of the hectic world above.       
As an underwater photographer, I try to catch the beauty of this magic world, so I can share it with others.