Friday, July 21, 2017



Born in Rome on 10/26/74 by Italian father and Suisse mother.
At the age of 29, will travel to Sharm El Sheikh where he will born his new passion…  Freediving!
After a few sessions is clearly a natural predisposition for this sport. So Zuccari decides to contact Riccardo Mura, Apnea Academy instructor how was living in Sharm El Sheikh, to start his first course of apnea.

Between 2006 and 2008 establishes five Swiss National Record in the disciplines of CWT, CNF and FI.

In 2008, Andrea will become Apnea Academy International Instructor, the school founded by Umberto Pellizzari.

Between 2009 and 2011, he will set 5 new Suisse national Records. The deepest will be -131 mt in No Limits.
In 2011, together with the German freediver Anna von Boetticher, will establish the No-Limits Tandem World Record diving to -125 meters. Beats so the one who introduced him to the Mouthfill tecnique, Patrick Musimu.
Spring 2012 he will creates an innovative didactic support, no longer a book but a DVD, where he presented a series of exercises dry to develop the awareness of the organs involved in the compensation. This DVD now has been translated into five languages (Italian, English, French, German, Russian)
In the autumn of 2012 Andrea opens his central apnea "Freediving World Apnea Center" inside the Sharm Club in Sharm El Sheikh - Egypt
January 2013 during the training for the next record attempt, with the Greek Stavros Kastrinakis set the new Male No-Limits Tandem World diving to -126 meters beating the great Francisco Ferreras and Benjamin Franz (122mt.)
Immediately few days later on the afternoon of January 24, 2013 diving to -155 m sets the new Italian record No Limits.
During the training for the next record he dives to -101 mt in CWT his new Personal Best and unofficial Italian Record.
A few months later establishes the new Italian Record in Variable Weight Regulated down to - 135 mt.
July 2014 his deepest result -175 meters in No Limits, with this deep he  becomes the deepest man in the world using a Freediving Mask and second deepest man in the world behind the Austrian Herbert Nitsch
To date Andrea continues his career as an athlete and coach and is involved in physiological Freediving research to discover the human limits