Saturday, July 7, 2012


Moritz Drabusenigg was born 1984 in Starnberg, near  Munich – Germany.
In his young days he grew up as a classic expat kid. He spent most of his time in south-east Asia, mostly in Indonesia.
The first encounter with scuba diving was in Tulamben about 20Years ago, when he went snorkeling with Wally Siagians son Mattheo. There he saw the first scuba divers and was fascinated!

Many years later, while he was living in Vienna he decided to do his open water course and started diving. he was so into it that from that time on he went diving every free minute.
Moritz first showed interest in underwater photography on a liveaboard tour in south Egypt, where he saw all the guys with their expensive toys :)
For a few month In 2011 he was helping out at Maluku Divers in Ambon and got in contact with the world best photographers. It was an eye-opener for him!

One year later he decided to buy his own gear and went shopping to Scubacam.
Since January 2012 he is shooting underwater macro!
He is using a Canon 600Din Nauticam , 60mm, SS+10 and 1x INON z240
Now he works in for Nautilus Diving Bali as an instructor and runs his own little photography workshops.
Thanks to Marcel Hagendijk and Eunjae Im for inspiration!!!