Friday, September 11, 2015




Kristina Vackova is a diving instructor, traveller and journalist, and in the last year mainly photographer, working and living everywhere around the world. She studied literature and arts in Prague, but after 10 years of work-holism decided to leave Czech republic. She lives eight years in Egypt, in the most peaceful place, Bedouin village, Dahab. In last years she travels the whole world, dividing her time between seasonal photographer work in Mallorca and instructing job in Asia and the Middle East in the rest of the year.
She dived and worked mainly in Egypt, but also Maldives, Thailand, Tanzania, Micronesia (Yap), Indonesia and the Medditerean Sea in the warm months.
She travels the world, writing articles, taking pictures and diving everywhere, when they want some publicity. Her home is nowhere and everywhere.

At 2013 she had won 3rd place in the Amateur Category of the WorldShootOut international photo-contest in Eilat and it changed her life directly, after she visited Micronesia, as a won prize. In the spring 2015 she walked 1140 km, Camino de Santiago, from France to Spain, of course with extra weights of her camera and laptop, only things she can never leave anywhere far. Camino was another big change in her life and since she is sure about her traveling and gypsy lifestyle, with few fixed bases around the world.

She doesn’t want to work as an instructor anymore, but sometimes it is necessary for another traveling.

Kristina use Canon 7D in Nauticam housing, with two Inon z240 strobes. For wide angle Tokina 10-17, and Canon 60 mm and 100 mm for macro.