Tuesday, October 1, 2013


Even as a child back in the 80s I was always attracted by water. After absolving countless nautic miles on board of sports-sailing-ships I started diving in 2007. Since I worked as a teenager with analogue photography, with switching to digital photography I finally could combine two of my favourite Hobbies: diving and photography. Since then I have been photographing underwater passionately. Quickly I participated in my first national and international competitions. Equipped with my Nikon D300 in a UK housing and a pair of flashes, I'm happy in any conditions - whether cold and "dirty" or warm and crystal clear waters. However, my favorites have always been alpine lakes in the corresponding alpine landscapes: crystal clear and cold water with its mystical underwater structures attracts me in a special way. In my opinion the wide-angle photography can capture and reflect the beauty of the seas in the best way. Therefore a domeport with wide-angle lens I carry with me constantly. Most of the time you will find me in Germany and Austria: whether photoshooting, photojourney or competitive - the underwater world with all its beauties is waiting to be discovered and photographed by me!