Thursday, March 19, 2020




Xavier Safont Moix

I started diving at 15 years old and at 18 (1975) I had a Nikonos III with which to take my first photographs, it was a little more difficult to take photographs than today. Cameras and years were happening, Nikonos IV, Nikonos V, Nikon F80, Nikon F90, Nikon D70 etc. until today Nikon D500.

Always with my wife Mª Alba Camprubi we have traveled to various countries in the world in search of capturing the underwater world in images so that we can teach it to all the people interested in knowing the blue universe.

We are both diving instructors and some 2,000 students have trusted us to teach them underwater wonders.

We participate in countless underwater photography competitions, obtaining countless awards at national and international level, including several Spanish championships in freediving and tank, World Cups, World Cups, Antibes, Hans Hass etc ...

We are collaborators with various underwater magazines although currently mainly only with Divers and Let s Dive Mag. Our photos have been published in the Catalan Encyclopedia, Mondo Sommerso magazine, Barcelona Aquarium, etc...