Thursday, May 29, 2014


Gerald Nowak (Germany)
Gerald Nowak was born in 1964 in Olching southwest of Munich and was twelve years old the first time contact with an SLR. The diving he learned at the age of 17 in the local waters through his involvement in water rescue , but it was only years later , after a stay in tropical waters , the diving was at the right passion. Both hobbies now mingled becoming visibly and quickly became his present occupation. He has worked continuously for 20 years for the German and international diving press. He is a regular contributing photographer for DIVING UNDER WATER , SILENT WORLD , ATLANTIS , SCUBA DIVER and some UW online portals. In many German-speaking travel , water sports and outdoor magazines , he reports on destinations worldwide , research reports, writing technical reports or written photo specials and offers tips for underwater and travel photography . His photo equipment consists of several Nikon cameras for underwater photography, and more recently, the Panasonic CSC cameras GH3 and GH4.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014


Yury Ivanov is a professional diver, underwater photographer.
Since I was ten, I was interested in underwater world. I dove 
all ponds and lakes in Moscow region without any flippers or 
mask. But even those poor underwater worlds hardly let me 
go to the surface.

Three decades have passed since then. I've graduated 
Sevastopol School of diving where I dove with three bolt 
equipment and AVM-5, then joined PADI in 2006. I had more 
than thousand dives in various parts of the world: Egypt, the 
Black Sea, Indonesia, Philippines, Maldives, Palau, Thailand. 
Nowadays I am a PADI dive Master with a certificate of 
"Self-Reliant Diver". This certificate gives me an official right 
to dive alone by myself what is very convinient for an 
underwater photographer.

So we're about underwater photography. My first camera, 
which I bought six years ago, was a poor-quality Sony in it's 
original case. Sometimes I go through old photos to remind 
myself of how I started. Time passed, but I didn't see any 
significant difference. Only three years ago, after I've taken 
courses from one of the best underwater photographers 
Mikhail Semenov, I made some progress. The proof of that 
are three prizes in 2012 contest held by web portal and a victory in "Nudibranchs Galore" 
competition in 2013 held by

My special interest is underwater macro world and mostly 
nudibranchs. Now I have thousands of good photos in my 
baggage and you can find a small part of them on this site.