Thursday, June 7, 2012


My name is Walter Bassi,I was born in Milan,where I live and work.
Although I live in this big city,I love the sea,and,since I was a child,thanks to my dad,i have always wanted to discover life under water.
Flippers and mask have always been with me every holiday.
After my first holiday in the Red Sea in 2002,I wanted to interact in a new way with the sea world so,I achieved my first scuba certification:OPEN WATER PADI.
After that,I completed my training by taking the ADW and the RESCUE PADI,and other certifications(deep,nitrox,digital underwater photografy,equipment).
Finally,I attended a lot of marine biology(tropical and Mediterranean)courses to improve my knowledge in this field.
In 2007 I bought my first camera(and its scuba case)and until 2011 I have always used automatic digital cameras.
After reading photo-books and trade magazines,and thanks to my friends' advice,in January(2012)I decided to buy a MIRRORLESS OLYMPUS EPL-1.
As many people,I like diving in the tropical seas,because of it's warm waters,even if I love Mediterranean Sea:I think it's the best marine environment that gives me more and more satisfactions.
I love everything about the underwater world,but my favorite meetings are those with the little creatures thatneed to be looked for and found.
I love Murene and parablennius.
I still consider my self as a beginner photographer,and I would like to improve and to learn as much as possible.
I'm totally charmed by the wide photo,even if,at the moment,I only take macro photo.
Actually,my kit is composed by:
-OLYMPUS EPL-1,ottica 14-42,scuba case OLYMPUS EPT-01
-Flash"Sea&SEA" ys 110 alpha,base and arms"Sea&Sea"
-Lens macro"subsee+5"
Bye everybody,have a nice shot!