Tuesday, November 17, 2015


Kate Jonker is a South African photographer who lives in the seaside town of Gordon’s Bay, just outside Cape Town in South Africa.
Growing up in South Africa, Kate spent much of her childhood surfing and snorkelling but it was only in 2000 that she took up scuba diving.  This is how she met her husband Deon, who owns and runs Indigo Scuba Diving Centre in Gordon’s Bay (www.indigoscuba.com).  
Kate first started taking underwater photographs in 2010 and progressed to a DSLR in 2012.  Today, she shoots with a Canon 7D Mark ii.  She is passionate about macro photography – especially nudibranchs – and enjoys trying to capture the individual personalities of fish in her images.
Although employed full-time in the South African wine industry, Kate is also an assistant instructor, dive boat skipper and teaches underwater photography classes for Indigo Scuba.  She spends most of her photography hours exploring the marine diverse waters of False Bay; as well as Sodwana Bay, Mozambique and the Red Sea.
Keen create an awareness of the beauty of our oceans, Kate has created a website: Ocean Images