Wednesday, September 25, 2013


At 1990 I started taking pictures under water in Tyrol, where I come from. At the beginning I just wanted to show my relatives and friends how amazing these adventures are and to „proof“ my tremendous experiences. It is a long time since I started taking pictures with my first camera, a Nikonos with a 35mm lens. The last few years, since I changed into digital photography, I used a NIKON D4 and changed not to a NIKON D4 & SEACAM housing – an unbeatable combination.

Out of the ordinary, and extraordinary beauty are most fascinating for me as an underwater photographer. A passion, that will never die. To find a new point of view on every single dive and in every single picture is my personal life-task. Nowadays it is also important to me, that I can send out a message to the people. I like to show them what a beauty there is under water and how fragile this world has become. It is an ecological concern, that might be in our mind in future and that everybody is responsible.

My „little darlings“ as a photographer are animals, which are really hard to catch on a picture. I take a lot of photos with my super wide angle lens, a lens that opens exceeding perspectives.