Monday, November 28, 2016


I was born in Rome in 1959. I arrived relatively late to underwater activity getting OWD license at 32 years in the Maldives as a joke. Fascinated by the beauty of the seabed have forged ahead in achieving the license to the level of instructor and doing become the underwater activity my choice of life. For five years together with other friends we managed a diving center of Lampedusa island  and then the important step to move  abroad to open a dive center on a small island called Mafia off the coast of Tanzania. 10 years spent on this small island have formed me in the deep knowledge of the seabed and fauna of the Indian Ocean.
Since a few years I moved back to Rome to work with the tour operator H2O Viaggi following groups around the world and in the discovery of possible new diving destinations, then I started to assiduously practicing underwater photography using different camera, Canon G10 Canon 550D, Canon 70D.