Tuesday, November 5, 2013


Since graduating from DeMontfort University in 1992 with an Upper Second BA(hons) Design degree, Terry Steeley has worked energetically within the design and photographic industries both in the UK and overseas.

In 1999, he established Iridius, a full-service design and training company based in Oxfordshire, UK, delivering award-winning creative solutions and bespoke customer focussed training.

A digital imaging expert, Terry has worked alongside Adobe, Apple, Wacom, X-Rite and Hewlett Packard as a presenter at seminars worldwide. He is also the creator of the highly-acclaimed seminars: Capture Edit Print, Creative Suite Essentials, Totally Colour Managed and Photoshop for Photographers.

An active and passionate diver since 1997, it was not until the Spring of 2012 that Terry first took a DSLR camera into the water. Immediately hooked, he describes himself as 'no longer a diver. I am now an observer, and the oceans, rivers and lakes are my studio.' 

His love for underwater photography led him to take a work sabbatical in 2013, choosing to challenge himself to shoot in many different environments to further his knowledge and experience. During this time Terry travelled to the Bahamas, Maldives, Philippines, Egypt, South Africa, Alaska, Thailand and Wakatobi. 

Although his sabbatical is, sadly, not permanent, and mouse, monitor and keyboard must replace fins, mask and camera as his work tools, Terry will continue to take time each year to return to the water and further expand his portfolio and his knowledge of the fascinating underwater world which will always hold new discoveries for him.