Monday, January 9, 2017


Gianluca Romano was born in 1978, he is a photography and an underwater life lover.
He grew up in the deep south of Italy,  land surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea , he graduated at the Art Institute and obtained his first diving certificate in 1999.

His passion for  sea and its underwater world led him to become interested in underwater photography since his very first dive.

Self-taught and experimenter of new photographic techniques, Gianluca in every shot captures the wonders of the Mediterranean bottom, giving emotions, feelings and different points of views.

He has the sea in his mind and the mind always in the sea, he works for the Protected Marine Area of ​​Porto Cesareo (Lecce) and in his free time he loves to take pictures to those friends who use to play  watersports such as SUP, surfing, windsurfing, etc.

In 2006, with other scuba diving enthusiasts he founded the first diving community of Salento, SalentoSUB,  still active in the promotion and protection of the sea through numerous scientific interest and recreational activities such as:
- Scientific Events
- Seabed clean-up operations
- UW Photo Contests.
In 2016 he collaborated  with Giunti publishing house for the realization of " I Parchi del Salento" ( Piscopo, Clinto) .

Gianluca has won national and international awards in underwater photography contests such as:
- 1 classified Behavour category - " Mediterraneo vivo" International photocontest (2014)
- 1 classified  Seahorses category  - "See in the Sea" UW Photocontest Ortonamare (2016)

Gianluca with his photos tries to bring out everything is hidden: his own world and the underwater one.
Gianluca doesn t consider himself a photographer, but just one who takes pictures.