Saturday, January 19, 2013


My name is Marc. 27 year off age and marine and wildlife biologist from Austria. I started marine biology  specialising on sharks. After finsihing my BSc. I went from marine biology  to primatology. At the beginning of my MSc i studied mountian gorillas in Uganda. For my final thesis i did a one year research on the chacma baboons living in the unique Okavango Delta, in the bush and in a tend. I did one Discovery Channel Episode for Dual Survivor Season show (2 Episode 10), assisting on the camera and doing production shots.  I was also a happy participant in 6 Episodes of NBC serie „Shark U“ in the Bahamas.  

During my time as a biologist, i discovered my passion in wildife and underwater photography.
And these are my thoughts: 
As I focus my camera, I realise that through my eyes I am capturing the beauty and elegance of a shark on the hunt, a particular colourful nudibranch or dolphins swimming around. What a photographer’s eyes see, can be appreciated by others by means of the pictures . This is the true essence of what we as photographers’ do- capturing senses, underwater or above, the goal is to make those who watch the picture feel the environment around the subject of the photograph.
But cameras can just capture the reflection of the real situation. If you want, it is the capturing of your mind in that moment. But once the moment is gone, the very special moment, you have a picture of it and this picture is also a reflection of yourself. A reflection which is not only preserved for yourself, but for others.