Tuesday, November 1, 2022



Steven Heapy learnt to dive in 1981 and has had a lifelong passion and obsession with the ocean and what lives in it. 
He loves sharing his underwater photography with friends, fellow adventures and those that don’t delve under the sea to highlight is beauty and uniqueness and why it should be conserved for future generations.
One of his greatest joys is diving with his wife and 2 adult children.
His photography gear includes:
Camera - Canon R5
Lens - Canon RF 100mm and RF 15-35mm
Strobe - Retro Pro X
Housing – Marelux
Snoot - Marlux optical snoot
Instagram - stevenheapy

Tuesday, October 11, 2022



Paolo Isgro lives in Belluno (Italy) in the Dolomites National Park, one of the most suggestive alpine locations in the world. Although he lives on the mountains and is fond of nature Paolo has been limited by his altitude sickness and therefore when he tried diving in 2002 he was immediately locked in.

Paolo is a scuba diver and has recently certified in free diving, he tries to travel as much as possible and he is keen to explore distant remote locations.

His work is accessible online on flickr https://www.flickr.com/photos/paolobl65/albums

Paolo has recently participated to a number of underwater photography competition, among his latest results:

Ocean Art 2019: 1 and 3 in the Super Macro category

Underwater Phographer of the Year 2020 2nd in behaviour category

Deep Visions 2019 1st in cetacean category

Deep Visions 2019 2nd in Macro category

Deep Visions 2019 best snoot image