Tuesday, October 15, 2013


Based in Sydney, I have traveled the world extensively photographing in some of the most remote destinations, including The Arctic, Antarctica, Galapagos, Azores, Africa and the South Pacific. As a wildlife photographer I have spent hundreds of days in pursuit of different wildlife and been privileged to be up close and personal with many creatures.

I have spent the last decade working with Humpback whales photographing and filming their behaviour above and below the waves. I have received a number of internationally acclaimed awards with works appearing in a multitude of magazines and publications including BBC’s ‘Life’ series book and various documentaries on Australian and New Zealand Television. I have a passion for the ocean and an affinity with whales and cetaceans.

I have exhibited a collection of Humpback photos to raise money to help in the fight to stop whaling in the southern ocean. By documenting and sharing these images I  hope to contribute to the awareness and conservation of the fragile creatures that inhabit this planet.

I am passionate about all wildlife from the smallest to the largest and I am always in pursuit of those unique one on one experiences.