Tuesday, November 30, 2021



Wolfgang Poelzer was born in 1969 in Hallein, a small town on the countryside of Austria in Europe. He is one of a few in his country, who is taking underwater photos as a full time job!

He did his master in Biology with a work about the little Goby "Gobius bucchichii", the only anemone fish of the mediterranean sea at the University of Salzburg/Austria in 1994. Besides he was sometimes working as dive instructor. Taking part and winning in many photo competitions, he is quite well known as underwater-photographer. Among a lot of international prizes, there are specially worthy of note: The gold medals he got on the CMAS-World Championship Of Underwater Photography in 1998 (category "macro" and in 2002 (category "wide angle"). And also the gold medal on the Antibes Festival in 2000 (category "black & white"). Since he is working as a professional photographer he stopped taking part in photo competitions.

Today Wolfgang Poelzer is working as a free lance journalist and photographer for several diving-, travel- and nature-magazines. He also works for international stock agencies and writes books. In his underwater photography he is not limited - he does not care about water temperature or sea- or freshwater. He likes to take pics of whales in tropical waters just in the same way as babies in Austrian pools.

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Monday, November 29, 2021



Salvo Gambacurta was born in Catania on April 20, 1972, passionate about sports, travel and photography.

He obtained his open water in the 90s in Buzios in Brazil and the advanced one in Italy in Sardinia in 2003, but due to the numerous business trips he only managed to do very few dives a year.

In one of his trips to Australia he manages to see for the first time a Weedy Sea Dragon and remains in love with it, moving to Sydney in Australia he started to dive much more often and discovered thanks to a community of divers, a quantity of shore divas with an incredible marine fauna and flora.

Always passionate about photography, with diving he can finally combine the passion for the sea and photography.

Currently he prefers macro photography and mainly Nudibranch, but also Pipefish, Pipehorses, Seahorses and Anglerfish to name a few.

In 2021 , he did participa to his first photography competition " GALATHEA International Marine World Festival international" and he got 1st place on Macro amateur and 2nd place on Serie amateur.

His photography gears:

Canon R5, lens Canon RF 100mm f/2.8L USM macro, strobe Inon Z330, optical snoot OS-1 backscatter

Housing Nauticam

Salvo Gambacurta nasce a Catania il 20 Aprile 1972 , appassionato di sport , viaggi e fotografia.

Ottiene il suo primo brevetto negli anni 90 a Buzios in Brasile ed il secondo in Italia in Sardegna nel 2003, ma a causa delle numerose trasferte lavorative riesce solo a fare pochissime immersioni l anno. 

In una delle sue trasferte in Australia riesce a vedere per la prima volta una Weedy Sea Dragon e ne rimane innamorato, trasferitosi  a Sydney in Australia puo finalmente fare immersioni molto piu regolarmente e  scopre  grazie ad una comunita di divers , una quantita ti shore dive con una fauna e flora marina incredibile.

Da sempre appasionato di fotografia , con la subacquea finalmente puo unire la passione per il mare e la fotografia.

Attualmente predilige la macro fotografia e principalmente Nudibranch, ma anche Pipefish, Pipehorses, Seahorses e Anglerfish per citarne alcuni.

Nel 2021 partecipa al suo primo concorso fotografico "GALATHEA International Marine World Festival international" e ha ottenuto il 1° posto nel Macro amatoriale e il 2° posto nella Serie amatoriale. 

Materiale: Canon R5, lente Canon RF 100mm f/2.8L USM macro, strobe Inon Z330, optical snoot OS-1 backscatter, Housing Nauticam + nauticam SMC1