Thursday, October 25, 2018


Nick Polanszky is an Underwater Photographer from Brisbane, Australia. 

Working full time as an Underwater Photographer since 2014 has taken him to destinations such as Thailand, Bonaire, Honduras, Indonesia, Philippines, Belize and is now based at the Cortez Club in La Paz, Baja California Sur, Mexico.

Nicks images have been published by organisations such as Greenpeace Magazines, Reefsmart Guidebooks, UK Daily Express Newspapers and online publications by Nat Geo.

His images have also been used for content by Padi, Aquatica Digital, Discover Ocean, and many more

Nick currently shoots with a Canon 5diii in Aquatica Digital Underwater Housings

Wide angle is paired with the Sigma 15mm and 8" Dome, with two Sea and Sea YSD1's for lighting

Nick is also founder of NCK Products, a stainless manufacturer of Scuba Pointers designed specifically by Nick for the Underwater Photographer,  with strength and durability in mind.

Nick currently runs and offers Dive and Photo excursions in the Sea of Cortez with Pro Photo Baja, to learn more, click the website below.