Thursday, June 21, 2012


Dany Weinberg
“An underwater photography is more than just a hobby for me- it is a way of life. The feeling of being under the water holding a camera in my hands, anticipating a special moment is magnificent. An underwater photography is a combination of two very basic, but conflicting needs that I have. On the one hand, the constant need for excitements and thrills, and on the other hand the need for peace and tranquility. Thinking that in each dive I may encounter a new phenomenon or a unique creature drives me constantly. I have started photographing in 1996, simply as a need to record my traveling and the amazing things I have seen while diving. However, the Red Sea has always remained my home base, an enchanted cool sea in which I felt in ease. In 2003 I started photographing with a DSLR camera and the attraction was immediate. I always try to be creative and explore new approaches and techniques in my pictures. Last year I gained to my UW photography arsenal a compact camera and I absolutely love it and enjoy the challenge”.
During the last years, Dany Weinberg participated in some major UW photography competitions, obtaining excellent results. At 2011, Dany introduced his first UW photography exhibition and he is going to publish soon his underwater photography guide book in Hebrew, called “Fish eye”. Dany Weinberg writes columns and publishes pictures in Israeli and international magazines on a regular basis.