Wednesday, October 20, 2021



My name is Josh and I’m an underwater photographer based on the Gold Coast, Australia. I have been diving now for about 7 years and in that time have been lucky enough to witness and capture some pretty awesome interactions with some of the oceans’ largest and most exciting marine life.

Underwater photography is my passion and its my life’s goal to explore the ocean and share a moment with as many large marine species as I can. I hope that my images can inspire as many people as possible to take an interest in the underwater world, and perhaps even learn to dive so they can see it all for themselves! 

 A lot of the animals I’ve been lucky to meet up close have been inaccurately stereotyped as “indiscriminate killers” and I hope that my images serve as proof that this could not be further from the truth. 

If I can’t be in the water diving and taking photos, my next favourite thing to do is talk about diving. Feel free to shoot me a message on my socials!