Thursday, February 7, 2019


He was born in Geneva, Switzerland. Always rocked by the waves since his childhood : the family
holidays on the French Riviera and on the Lake of Geneva, sailing, windsurfing, surfing in
California. My first writing at school was about sharks. Rocked by the world of silence by Jaques
Yves Cousteau (Calypso) and « Twenty thousands leagues under the sea ». It was not long before
he started scuba diving in 2006. Today, Divemaster and photographer.
From the beginning, he wanted to show what he saw under water, show the hidden beauty under
this mirror, a world that has not changed for millions of years and gives him a feeling of joy and
happiness that is constantly renewed.
Lovers of the animal kingdom and fervent defender of their cause.

Material Photo
Nikon D810
TG5 Olympus
Seacam Silver Housings for Nikon D810
Various zooms & tele-lenses
Seaflash 150D
Wide Port
Flat macro ports