Saturday, February 11, 2012



IMRAN AHMAD Singapore based, NIKON Professional Photographer and Film Lecturer, Imran Ahmad spends much of his time as a lecturer giving presentations and conducting workshops around the region on photography.
His style is creatively complex and unpredictable, invoking a provocative response that captures a definitive moment. In his innovative exploration of underwater imagery, Imran has an uncanny way of capturing fluidity and lithe by playing with light, clarity and reflectivity, taking the water’s unique properties to breathtakingly new heights.
Imran’s ‘P U R E’ Collection is a visionary celebration of movement and form where the subject becomes an artistic equation and the result is an impressive interplay of suspension in motion.
As an internationally active photographer, his diversified portfolio includes commercial, editorial, portrait and underwater photographic assignments covering vast areas of Asia and other parts of the world. Imran’s work can be found in many diving publications and countless other leading media throughout the region.
Diving & U/W photography in Asia - ESCAPEINC.