Saturday, May 2, 2020



Hi everybody This is Leon Zhao, I come from China, living in Shanghai now. I am a professional underwater photographer, and also a freelance writer. I start diving in 2014.

“When I dived down and went to the world that was totally different from the land, I was deeply attracted by the magic of the underwater world, but when I got the first photograph that correctly restored the brilliant color of the underwater world , I knew that I could not live without the ocean.”so i took my first underwater photo in 2015.

I believe in “learn, enjoy and share”. so I determined to bring the magical ocean lives and beauty to broader audiences through my lenses. Many of my works have won underwater photograph competitions, and published in magazines and other media in China and overseas. I also published more than 50 articles related to underwater photography shared across the media.

I traveled to many diving destinations across Southeast Asia and South Pacific region. My shot focus on underwater macro, wide angle, underwater portraits, etc.

hope all my photo can let people to realize the ocean is the biggest treasure of human, we have to protect it right now.

Leon Zhao