Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Irena Stangierska
I was born in Poland on January 28th 1971 and I still live here.

I started scuba diving in 2002 and after one year I took my underwater camera /compact Canon G6/ with me.
Unfortunately, after 2 years my underwater equipment got flooded.
Since 2008 I have been taking underwater photos with SLR Canon 40d with Ikelite housing. 
Actually I am using Canon 5D with Ikelite housing and strobes.
I devoted a long time to improve my underwater workshop skills.
There were also different courses and photo academy. 
UW photo has become my greatest passion. I never enter water without my camera.
In real life I work as a graphic designer, and I run my own advertising business.
I am also a friendly and outgoing person, I'm keen on social life, travelling and discovering new places. 

My website is coming soon…