Thursday, January 19, 2012


He was born in Sorrento in January of '78, even before his birth he was destined to have an intimate relationship with the sea, because: Mario's father, a great lover of fishing, even before he was born was hoping for a boy to carry with him in its outputs and the mother has the last name Mare (traslate = SEA).Always living on the Peninsula, the diving begins very early, with snorkeling, even before learning to swim already turned with mask, fins, a snorkel equipped with a small valve, which prevented water from entering the pipe, and armrests.Just six years the same father, after having left his first suit for an inheritance, so large that it must be padded with an old wool sweater, accompanied him for the first time to discover the beauty of the sea at night.In the school years he was born in the great passion for knowledge of the inhabitants of that wonderful secret world grows and the desire, (at that time impossible) to be able to document all the beauty that passed before his eyes, and stop the magical moments in time that each new discovery earned him.In the winter of 2003, the maternal grandfather's materealizza his dream, giving him the first digital camera, a flash and a diving bell, which enabled him to document his encounters with the inhabitants of the blue, since then dedicated to underwater photography with the hopes of helping people understand and appreciate the beauty of the sea. A year later leaves for his first trip to Pantelleria and knows Ghel Maria, an inexhaustible source of experience that allows him to grow a lot as a diver. In 2006 he began a fruitful collaboration with documentary filmmaker Matthew Lauro which led him to visit and know the waters of the Philippines, Mozambique and Indonesia, with more journeys made his trusty camera, which bring with them new photos and lots of experience. Since 2001 collaborates with the site, is still very involved in the spreading nature linked to the sea by working with various associations and organizations, a passion for marine biology led him to a new draft disclosure and social networking, Scubabiology .

Is a member of the  IUPS