Friday, October 14, 2016


"Mickey Charteris was born in Canada, almost grew up in South Africa, and has been diving professionally for almost 20 years. After diving in dozens of locations around the world his real love (and his permanent home) became the reef surrounding the island of Roatan, the largest of the Bay Islands of Honduras.
When he first started shooting underwater he was hooked, and began collecting a "species library" of the local reef inhabitants. Mickey jokingly vowed that when he had collected 1000 species photos, he would publish a book. In late 2011 he hit his mark, and began assembling and organizing them into the work that would eventually become "Caribbean Reef Life". The book is now into it's fourth printing, as an updated 2nd edition. This has allowed Mickey to go into underwater photography full-time and is he constantly trying to improve upon and expand his collection. While he sometimes teaches underwater photography, his main focus is on showcasing the beauty and diversity of Roatan's reefs for the world.
Admiring Weegee's shooting philosophy of "F8 and be there", Mickey shoots with the Canon G-series, preferring the simplicity and versatilty of compact cameras. While reef behavior and macro subjects are his favorite, Mickey has recently become addicted to Blackwater diving over the incredibly deep waters just off Roatan's shores."

Tuesday, October 11, 2016



Photography for the sea creatures' facial expression has always been mine goal. Creating an all black background is my strength. The behavior and expression of marine life could be totally focused with clear background. I'm Yung-Sen Wu, from Taiwan.