Friday, June 5, 2015


Born in texas. live in austin. learned scuba at 10. swam with stingrays. fed cheeze whiz to an 8″ green moray eel. competitive swimmer. have 3 plates and 22 screws holding my hip together. graduated from Southwest TX State in marketing. made geological survey maps. built houses. worked at Dell for 5 days. never been fired. moved to la (twice). played basketball with Kevin Costner. saved the dog in pearl harbor. angelina played my mom in true women. wrote a screenplay. published a magazine. scuba dove in Honduras. learned to surf in El Salvador. continue to surf in Costa Rica. rode horses through San Miguel. still can’t speak spanish. played guitar with Ray Wylie Hubbard. rigged lights for music videos. climbed to the top of the Astrodome. my shoes are flip flops. love to read Christopher Moore books. can’t get enough traveling. never missed a flight. left brained. right handed. left footed. and took lots of pictures along the way.