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Born: 06.08.1955., Rijeka (Fiume), Croatia. Lives in Kraljevica, SuĊĦilo 13. (20 km S of Rijeka).
Graduated at Zagreb Technical University 1981., Grad. Traffic Engineer.
Married, 3 children :  Vedran (27), Ranko (23) and Dora (12).
Diving career : 
1975. CMAS sport diver (1 star)
1988. CMAS Diving Instructor I*
1991. CMAS Diving Instructor I**
2000. CMAS Instructor for UW Photography 
2002. CMAS Diving Instructor I*** 
National champion in underwater photography 2001, 2002, 2003, 2006, 2007, 2008.
Collaborator of the Ministry of Culture for underwater archaoelogy - shipwrecks
Member of several expeditions researching shipwrecks in the Adriatic
Official consultant in the expedition "The Battle of Lissa" 2005. when the wreck of RE D'ITALIA was found.
Co-author of the book "Secrets of the Adriatic - Diving Guide on Shipwrecks in the Croatian Adriatic"
Collaborator with several magazines - Aqualung, Extreme Sports, Diver etc.   
Co-author of the TV Documentary series "Great Adriatic Shipwrecks", 2006-2007., award for the best TV documentary series for 2007.
Bronze medal on CMAS World UW Photo Championship, Turkey 2011.