Monday, December 30, 2013


Reyner Onggara or well known as Rey was born at Banjarmasin, South Borneo, Indonesia 1991. Moved to Jakarta at the age of 11 years old.
Continue further studies at Perth, Western Australia at the age of 15 and went back to Indonesia at around 2010. Started his open water course at April 2013 at Thousand Island, Jakarta. May 2013 was his first trip to Komodo and started UWphotography with Canon G12 with a helped of single Inon Z240 Strobe. Feeling that the picture is not satisfying due to his experience of photography since 2008 he get
himself a Nikon D800 and a Nauticam Housing to satisfy the needs of high res image with high quality combination. His first trip with an UW DSLR was at Manado. Since then he started travelling around Indonesia starting from Bali, Manado (Bunaken and Lembeh), Gorontalo, Anambas, Raja Ampat, Maratua, Komodo and repeated few trips monthly, due to his young age it gives him more time space to travel around and explore. He himself is a very curious man who like to try something new, the more difficult the more he is challenged. Underwater Photography really give him what he needs, since he loves to travel and love to have a hobby with a challenge, he finds underwater photography is not something easy to do and yet it is fun and very challenging. He is more than happy to share and accept critiques.

Saturday, December 14, 2013


Libero Vitillo born in Prato in 1971 and since he was a little child, he immediately showed a
natural instinct from nature, the same passion passed on from his father when they usually went for walks on the mountains on weekends.
The passion for animals and nature drived him to explore new natural environments as the sea that pushed him to take his first underwater license in 1997.
Since then a new world opened to him.
In 1999 (already Rescue Diver) he took part in a marine biology course and later in others similar.
In 1999-2000 he gradually approached to underwater photography, his real passion.
In 2004 he bought his first underwater camera, exactly a NIKONOS V, with 35 mm Nikonos and a Flashlite Nikonos SB 105.
The several travels out of mediterranean areas (as Sharm, El Gouna, Marsa Alam, Sudan,
Indonesia, Malesia e Borneo) kept him on motivate his passion so in 2008, after an underwater
photograpy course, he changed his analogic camera with a new digital one, a Canon G12, Diving Suite Ikelite + Flashlite Ikelite DS51.
In the meanwhile he decided to continuing his way becoming an Environmental Underwater
He collaborated with an underwater school of Firenze as Dive Master and as Assistant Instractor.
In 2012 he changed again his camera, taking a Reflex Nikon D300S with diving suite Subal and 2 Flashlite Ikelite Strobes DS125, working both manually and TTL, opticals used: Sigma 105 mm, F/2.8 EX DG Macro Lens and Tokina 10-17 Fisheye.
Nowadays he works in textile branch in Prato but now and then he collaborates as Underwater Guide with a Diving Center in Liguria or in free time making immersions in Tuscany.

Libero Vitillo nasce a Prato nel 1971 e fin da bambino mostra una passione innata per la natura in genere, stessa passione trasmessa dal padre quando lo accompagnava nelle camminate in montagna nei week end.
L’amore per gli animali e per la natura stessa lo spinge incuriosito a esplorare nuovi ambienti naturali quale il mare, affascinandolo a tal punto da spingerlo a conseguire il suo primo brevetto subacqueo nel 1997.
Da quel momento si apre un mondo completamente nuovo da esplorare.
Nel 1999 (già Rescue Diver) partecipa a un corso di biologia marina e successivamente ad altri argomenti sul tema.
Intanto in questi anni (1999-2000) già si faceva avanti un’altra passione ovvero quella della
fotografia subacquea.
Nel 2004 acquista la sua prima macchina fotografica subacquea, esattamente una NIKONOS V, con un 35 mm Nikonos e un Flash Nikonos SB 105. 
I numerosi viaggi fuori dall’area mediterranea (Sharm, El Gouna, Marsa Alam, Sudan, Indonesia, Malesia e Borneo) continuano ad alimentare e a stimolare la sua passione e così nel 2008 dopo un corso di fotografia subacquea, passa da macchina fotografica analogica a compatta digitale, una Canon G12, Scafandro Ikelite + Flash Ikelite DS51.
Decide di continuare il suo percorso per diventare poi Guida Ambientale Subacquea.
Collabora come Dive Master e Assistent Instractor con una scuola subacquea di Firenze.
Nel 2012 cambia nuovamente macchina, passando ad una Reflex Nikon D300S con Scafandro Subal e 2 Flash Ikelite Strobes DS125, i quali lavorano sia in manuale che in TTL, ottiche usate:
Sigma 105 mm, F/2.8 EX DG Macro Lens e Tokina 10-17 Fisheye.
Ad oggi lavora nel tessile a Prato ma nel fine settimana collabora saltuariamente come Guida Subacquea in un Diving Center in Liguria o facendo immersioni nel tempo libero in Toscana.

Friday, December 6, 2013


After taking his Open Water on a backpacking trip through Thailand in 2005, Dave realised he didn't want to do the 9-5 life anymore and opted for an aquatic life instead. He moved to Indonesia in 2007 to work as a dive guide on Bunaken and continue through the PADI ranks and then in 2008 landed a job as an underwater videographer in Sipadan, Borneo. 
After 2 years he then moved on to work for Scubazoo in the Maldives, doing underwater video onboard the liveaboard vessel - The Four Seasons Explorer and then later again in another resort in the north. Dave got a chance to work on lots of different productions and filmed for channels such as Discovery and CCTV, during his years filming though his loyalties slowly shifted from video to stills.
After the Maldives he then moved back to Sipadan (his favourite playground) before packing away the wide angle and dusting off the macro lens for a year in Lembeh.
HIs first camera was a Canon IXUS 75, before moving on to a Canon G10 - infact 2, 1 being his first and hopefully last flood, and then in 2010 he upgraded to a Nikon D300 in Nexus housing
Dave is now working a job which keeps him moving between Europe and Africa and uses any possible opportunity to get in the water